I just wanna say this: There are many bands out there who play for free, in other words they
pay to play. They seem to be happy to do so...Personally i think anyone should do whatever
they think is right for their band. Now, I don't wanna sound like a fucking snob but unless we
get payed fair we won't play any-fucking-where, I don't care if anyone other band plays for free,
that's their own choice. It's all cool to play with big bands and all that shit, but they make the
money and pay no attention to the opening acts, it's all business and as far as I am concerned
I'm not playing that game, you fucking pay us or fuck off. So don't even bother unless you have
a fucking decent offer. what's the point of playing and pay from your own fucking pocket ? I
mean yeah, metal it's all about fun but you still need money to run a band properly and we all
have bills to pay. Take care and fucking read this before asking!!!