Sneak Peek Of Now Album Cover

May 13, 2012
It's still a work in progress but it won't look alot diffrent from what you're seeing here.
A few things here and there and it's ready to go. Hope you like, i totally fucking love it.


To All Promoters Out There

May 13, 2012
I just wanna say this: There are many bands out there who play for free, in other words they
pay to play. They seem to be happy to do so...Personally i think anyone should do whatever
they think is right for their band. Now, I don't wanna sound like a fucking snob but unless we
get payed fair we won't play any-fucking-where, I don't care if anyone other band plays for free,
that's their own choice. It's all cool to play with big bands and all that shit, but they make the
money and pay no atte...
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New Album rechedule release

April 1, 2012
New album will be released later than hang on tight. At this point i'm not really sure of any specific release dates, as i'm also waiting on other poeple in order to put all the finishing touches to the album. I of course hope that's worth the wait for you all. What i will and can do for now is to keep you all updated and as soon as i have more updates or news. Cheers for all your support FOKAS. :)
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Interview On Aquellare Zine

April 1, 2012

1-What's up Nuno ,i know that the last vocalist quit the band ,tell me about the current line-up
and how did adrenicide come together in the actual days?

Hi. Neil was fired in June 2010 unfortunately. It wasn't an easy decision for me to make,  we
were friends above all, but he failed to realise that a band is also a business. And after a 1000
warnings to get his shit together, he left me with no other choice but to kick him out. There's
also a lot more to it than just that, but i would have ...

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"War Begs No Mercy" review on Vladrocker (Polish)

March 1, 2012

Brzmi jak: bestia o ciele DRI i głowie ST
Dekada historii wystarcza, by nazwać Angoli z Adrenicide weteranami nowej fali thrashu. To
już ich szósta płyta, nie licząc różnistch EPek i splitów. Szybko wypracowali własny styl,
oparty o kojarzące się z The Exploited łupanki, bez szczególnie zapamiętywalnych riffów. Co
trzyma więc ich utwory w kupie i jest ich wyróżnikiem? Wokal! Na zmianę wypluwający
szybko słowa niczym Kurt Brecht i zawodzący wysoko jak Mike Muir. Do tego...

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Bootleg T-shirts

February 20, 2012

It's a shame that some people just don't give a fuck about the fact that bands need to make
a living. With free downloading spiralling out of control bands can't hardly live of the music
these days. It doesn't take that much for anyone to realise that is wrong, and more so if you
call yourself a metal fan...

I know that many other bands feel the same as i do but they don't have the fuckin' balls to
say it, however i don't give much a fuck about what anyone thinks of me. I say it cos it's

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Coke Finlay To Guest On New Album!

February 2, 2012

Coke Finlay from 80's thrash band Virus will be guesting vocals on Adrenicide's new album.
There will be another bunch of amazing guests to appear on the album but i don't wanna
give anything away just now 'til I'm 100% sure this will happen.

I'll be posting the names of all the other guests as soon as i have confirmation. I'm very
excited about this, i grew up listening to this guys and to be able to do a song together with
them is an amazing feeling to say the least. I been chatting with C...

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Enter And Win Adrenicide Merchandise

January 27, 2012

You could be one of the lucky thrashers to win our new album "Bursting Into Decadence"
together with a t-shirt , two badges and a signed poster. All you have to do is record a video
of yourself playing one of our songs (any song you wish to play). It can be a drum, guitar,
bass or vocal cover it doesn't really matter, what does matter is that you thrash your fuckin'
minds out while doin' it. Post it onto youtube and send us the link so we can watch it and
pick the best video. The thrasher doin...

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Danilo Trbojevic Singing On New Album

January 23, 2012

Some of you probably have read one of the last messages I've posted on Adrenicide's facebook
page about a collaboration we are doing with Nadimac singer Danilo Trbojevic. This is of
course something I had in mind even before the writting of the new album begun, before I even
moved to Germany and indeed even before I knew I was gonna move here, I had already
planned to do just that. Not with Danilo in particular (as that hadn't come up yet as an option)
but with Scott Clayton from Bludvera amo...

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Illegal Downloading

January 20, 2012

Megaupload was apparently shut down by the FBI, or so it has been said on the news. I
couldn't care less about those fuckin' rip offs that help fuck musicians everyday and force
many great bands to call it quits, 'cos they can't survive of the very own music they create. I
to download shit from time to time when i can't find or buy a certain album, but as soon as i
have the money or when i eventually find them, i buy the original CD (also Vinyls, which i like
to collect). Any one of you that ...
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10 Years Ago Today Adrenicide Was Born

January 17, 2012

10 years ago today Adrenicide was born. The idea of forming an old school thrash band had
been in my head since '99, and actually the band itself was already in existence around that
time. Not exactly as Adrenicide as the name was yet to be born, but as Scarecrow as i had
it named then. In fact songs like "Little Jimmy", "My Fist Your Face" (which appear on our
first demo "Impropaganda") among others were written before i even had met N. Armstrong
(our former singer). A good friend of mine by...

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History Of A Time To Come (Documentary)

January 16, 2012

A few months ago i found out by pure chance while on facebook that a British guy by the
name of Josh Callis-Smith was making a movie about the U.K thrash scene. I was extremely
surprised about it and very happy at the same time. There are, and have been great bands in
Britain that never really got the respect they deserve, and with a movie lurking in the horizon,
i thought things may well change once and for all. I was even told that the the movie director
was an Adrenicide fan. Cool to say t...

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Thrash 'Til Death!

January 12, 2012

For years I've been trying to understand why the fuck some people (as they get older) seem to
grow out of metal. They stop going to gigs, they stop wearing metal gear, they quit their bands
(when they have one in these case) and they even stop listening to metal altogether. Then it
comes the last and the worst, they cut their hair, start wearing suits and hand themselves out
to society. Sure we all need to work, get a job...whatever, and sometimes even have to
compromise a little, but that do...

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Adrenicide Looking For New Bass Player

January 10, 2012

Been auditioning bass players for the past couple of weeks and so far i haven't found anyone
suitable for the band, so the search for the right guy goes on. Applicants must be able to
commit 100 percent to the band, be available to do some touring and preferably living in the
Göttingen/Germany area. Having some touring experience would be a bonus. But most of all
I'm looking for a true to the bone old school, full-hearted metal head. For an audition, please
email the following to adrenicide@...

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The Plague Remains (NEW TRACK)

January 4, 2012

Well things in the studio have been pretty fuckin' quite lately. Christmas, new year
and parties none stop have taken all my time. It goes without saying that I've done
jack shit on the new album. I was hoping to have a lot more done to it by now, as
I'm also really busy working on refurbishing my whole house. I still have about three
weeks before sending the masters to our label. It should be more than OK. Anyway,
here is a brand new track of the new album "Bursting Into Decadence" to be out...

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