Adrenicide - Hate Crisis 2014 (art work revelead)

November 14, 2013

I have been working on the new record for a while now. when i first started writting this record i
wasn't sure about the direction i wanted to take. I never do it that way. I just sit down, jam and
whatever comes out, ends up on the album. Simple. However this time around i knew i didn't
want to make the same record again. Drunken zombies, crazy parties and nuclear shit. Not that
i have a problem with that, (of course) but with so much shit happening around the world i think
that there is a lot of subject matter to write about. I want to talk about serious shit. Maybe make
a little difference, that's what i'm feeling to write about for now. Who knows in the future. I may
feel different about it. For now that's how i'm feeling. I've always done with this band what i
wanted to do. And this time around it won't be any different. Some fans will like it, others won't.
I've said that many times before but this time it is a very diffrent record indeed. There are a lot
of slow parts. Not so much full speed ahead as in previous albums. More time changes too. a
bit more melody here and there. To me it sounds a bit like: thrash meets industrial. But of
course it is still Adrenicide. 'Cos that's just the way i write music, and that you can't ever change.
It is my style of riffing and singing. And that will be obvious on the record as it was on any
previous releases. Not a bad thing i guess. Has you can see even the art work as changed.
That just goes to show you how serious i am about trying new things with Adrenicide and me
as a musician. Take care and speak later. i will keep you all updated and will post a track a soon
as possible.

Adrenicide - "Natural Born Thrashers" 2008 (Full Album)

July 11, 2013

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New Album 2013

July 8, 2013
If some of you though that "Bursting Into Decadence" was a bit different compared with our
previous releases, wait until you hear what's coming next. The new songs are sounding
fucking killer! When i started to record the songs for the upcoming  album, even i wasn't
so sure what the fuck was happening. I didn't mean to record a diffrent album or anything
like that. The riffs for the new songs just came out like that, without me forcing anything really...
I never do that. In fact i hate even the...

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Sing Along Songs Is What Counts To Me!

June 18, 2013

You can be the best musicians in the fucking world, Play the fastest solos, have the best
Producers, a Million riffs and all that bullshit, but if i can't sing along your Shit or
remember the songs after i listen to it once, or even twice. You mean fuck all to me. To
me it has always been about writing Songs that the fans can sing along. That's what
drives me to write metal Music. Not trying to prove i can Play bett...

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What Do You Think Of The New Album?

June 9, 2013
What do you guys make of the new Adrenicide Album "Bursting Into Decadence" ? I want
an honest fucking answer. No fucking around!!! Theres no ego shit going on in the Adren
camp. Nor will i delete any comments no matter how good or bad the feed back may be.
everyone is entitled and free to say whatever the fuck they want and believe in... i
personally love it , of course! That goes without saying, or i wouldn't have recorded it to
start with. But not sure most fans dig it. I mean, i do and wi...

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Writting Good Songs?

June 9, 2013
Most People in my opinion just talk shit when it Comes to writing Songs dudes... i
hear it all the fucking time. To me great Songs aren't the ones that are fast, heavy or
have a Million fucking solos and riffs. To me its all about remembering them! If i listen
to a song no matter how different in style the song may even be, but if i can remember
it in my head after a few days, its gotta be a great song. The songwriter as done its
Job. What a song is supposed to do, is to catch the listener, r...

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Adrenicide - "Bursting Into Decadence" 2012 (full album on youtube)

April 25, 2013

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Stop Comparing New Bands With Old Ones...Does It Really Matter?

April 7, 2013
The problem with a lot of metal bands is that they are all trying to out-due each other.
Trying to prove they can play fater and more notes or riffs than the other band. Very
fucking sad. To me metal isn't about any of that... it's about playing music. Simple. 
And i don't think (and never will) that metal was invented or created to be perfect or
beautiful any-fucking-way. It is what it is ...and you love or hate it. I buy and trade lots
of CD's of new thrash bands, and i love them as much as ...

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New Album, New Vocals!

April 7, 2013
You can't ever please any of these fuck faces...ever! When Neil was in the band everyone
commented on how shit his vocals were...which by the way i didn't think so. His vocals
weren't the fucking best, OK! But good enough for a thrash/crossover band. Now they all
complain about my vocals to. You know what? Fuck you and don't buy the album if you
don't like what you hear. That is of course if any of you cunts even buy it at all. 'cos
downloadoing it for free is way easier and costs shit, right?...

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"Raging Full On" & "Natural Born Thrashers" Re-issues

October 26, 2012
"Raging Full On" & "Natural Born Thrashers" originally released in 2007 and 2008
respectively, will be re-released late this year on EBM Records. R.F.O was actually 
planned for a re-issue a while back via Witches Brew Records, (Germany) but for some
business related reasons that unfortunately never happen. (we apologise to anyone that
was waiting on that.) So finally, the wait is over! Our fans can at last add something
completely new onto their Adrenicidal collection. ...Both music and visual...
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Thrash Revival (Or Whatever You Wanna Call It)

October 6, 2012
I hear some people say that the new thrash bands are just a bunch of dudes trying to be
thrash and that the old school 80's thrash bands are the real deal. Well to some extent
they are indeed and i totaly love and miss those days, i was there and saw many of them
play live. However it's unfair to say that the newer bands (and by the way i'm not saying
that 'cos my band it's a relatively new band) are not good and that they are destroying the
genre. That's fuckin' insane to say the least. The ...
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New Album To Be Out Soon (Finally)

October 2, 2012
I know it's fucked up that the new album is taking so fucking long to be released, but it
finally is ready to go. Master CD on it's way to the label and I can only hope that the
fans are really gonna dig it. Been extremely busy working on the restauration of my
house, so haven't had much time for anything else at all, so I hope that I didn't cut any
corners on the album (and I'd like to believe i didn't)...overwall it sounds fucking killer,
the mixing is what i'm not sure what the fans reacti...

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New Album Cover Revealed

June 30, 2012

New album cover is finally finished. The guy who did it took 6 fucking months to get it done, 
which drove me totally crazy to say the least, specially when theres no color and not that much
detail on it. I was looking for something simple and a bit different for the new album, so when
i told the artist what i had in mind for the cover i though, OK simple job it will take only a week
or 2 max. In the end i had to add the final touches onto the artwork myself or it would never get
fucking done....

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Help Us Adrenicide Fans?

June 28, 2012

I need your help Adrenicide fans...the new album as taking me a long time to finish it,  but at
last all parts and mixing have been done. The album is finally ready to go. However after
listening to it for a little while now I'm not sure anymore if i should release it with myself on
vocals...I'm having doubts, believe it or not. Are my vocals just to death metal for Adrenicide?
I'm seriously thinking of re-recording the whole shit again with a new singer with more of a
punk voice. Maybe it's ...

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Save Your Life For Thrash (New Song 2012)

May 25, 2012 
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