Hi everyone, hows it going?

i've just started recording some new tracks for what will become Adrenicide's new album (which is yet to be
titled). I do have a few ideas that could possibly make it onto the record, but i've decided that i'll let things
flow and see what happens, at a later stage. I may change my mind as i often do when it comes to naming
the albums. An early 2012 release is the most likely scenario but i can't be sure, i'll just take my time, no rush!

The first part of the album will be recorded in Portugal/Lisbon with long time friends, Carlos InĂ¡cio/guitar
(ex-Merciless Death), Jorge Prior Velho/bass (ex-Exiled), Artur Amorim/guitar (ex-Fallen Angel), Mike
Possessed/vocals (ex-Fallen Angel). I haven't played with these guys for 20 years. I am so looking forward to
seeing what will happen. All i do know at this point is that they are great musicians and they are willing to help
out, trashing with me. To be honest thats all i need to know...

The second part will be recorded in England/Maidenhead with guests Jamie Brooks/guitar (Desolator), Scott
Clayton/vocals (Bludvera), and David Brown/bass. Again, i've never recorded anything with these guys before
apart from Jamie Brooks who has played live with us two times. The thing is: they all play thrash metal and i
wanna try new things on the new album, some fresh ideas flowing in. so fuck it!

Well that's all for now and i shall keep you all updated on the album's development at least once a week. stay

Nuno Evaristo