As you all know by now, Adrenicide as moved to Germany and the
headquarters are now in the Göttingen/Niedersachsen area. As a result
of that, some of the collaborations I had planned for the new album will
not happen anymore... sadly. I was really looking forward to have some
of these dudes playing on the album, but as it turned out this will not be
possible in the current situation.

However, I do believe that at some point in the future this may actually
happen. I would like to thank the following people nevertheless: Jamie
Brooks, Scott Clayton, David Brown and Dave Roy Kuchta for being up
to play on the album when asked. Cheers dudes and really fuckin' sorry!
I see you guys around.

There will be some vocal collaboration though, with NADIMAC singer
Danilo Trbojevic, and possibly some other guys i won't name just now in
case it won't happen for some reason or other. Anyway I have about six
songs so far, all unfinished but pretty much 90% done...Just need time to
make sure I'm 100% happy with what I've got. But we shall see what will
happen in the next couple of weeks.

All the lyrics have been penned down, it's just the titles that will take a little
longer to decide, as I keep changing them around. LOL.  Later in the albums
progress I'll reveal some of the titles and upload some track samples.
Stay tuned.

Nuno Evaristo