I need your help Adrenicide fans...the new album as taking me a long time to finish it,  but at
last all parts and mixing have been done. The album is finally ready to go. However after
listening to it for a little while now I'm not sure anymore if i should release it with myself on
vocals...I'm having doubts, believe it or not. Are my vocals just to death metal for Adrenicide?
I'm seriously thinking of re-recording the whole shit again with a new singer with more of a
punk voice. Maybe it's more suited for what this bands all about. The thing is: I always listen
to what the fans have to say, (i take that at fuckin' heart) and if they say no, that's exactly
what i will do...simple as that. So give us your honest opinion, there's no ego shit goin' on in
the Adrenicide camp...be brutal if you have to, speak your mind. Hit us up maniacs...We
may be able to release something that we all happy with and nobody as to be disappointed.
Speak to you soon...